Art Parties by Kelly


Art Parties by Kelly fundraisers are a great way to have fun and raise some money for an important cause at the same time!

Ticket sales fundraisers

For this fundraiser your organization will sell a set number of tickets for a specific art party date or dates. Ticket sales prices are $35 a person, with $10 per ticket going back to the cause. There are no minimum ticket sales required.

Specific event fundraisers

This event can take place at any location. We will work together to develop a painting specific to your event! We charge $40 a person for this type of fundraiser, with $15 per ticket going back to the cause. We can accommodate up to 30 painters. We must confirm a minimum of 20 painters 48 hours before the event is set to begin, in order for us to hold the event. You are also welcome to have an auction or raffle for the paintings at the event in order to raise a little extra!

The outcome of the fundraiser is greatly dependent on YOU and your ability to get the word out to your family, friends and supporters. We do recommend creating an “Event” page on Facebook and sharing it with all your friends! Complete our fundraising contact form on our website and we can start planning! Within 2 weeks of the event we will issue you a check with your proceeds.